Misguiding Aura Mind 2
Reduced aura reading success by 1 for each success on the spell.

Devilish Mind Mind 1
Block the boradcast of conscious tought while creating another mind that broadcast loudly any sort of crap/fear appropriate for the subterfuge.


Matrix Location Correspondence 2, Mind 2, Entropy 2
Render the following of the digital web very confusing and blurry to follow. Pursuer must succeed on INT + ENIGMAS DC 7 to succeed.


The Curse of the lord Entropy 4, Spirit 4
Each success against a subject bring evil spirit that torment the subject at every turn augmenting radically his chances to fail seriously. Botch threshold: +1/2 success. A willpower can be taken each turn to ignore this effect.

The Plague of Egypt Entropy 4, Life 2, Prime 2, Force 3, Spirit 4
Awsome and undefined !!!


Time = Heroine
Spirit = Sex, Violence, Black Candles
Entropy = Pentagram
Life = Blood, Pain
Mind = Seduction
Correspondence = Mirrors
Prime = Dark Speech


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