Thread of Destiny

A 4 feet staff, disguised as a walking stick.

weapon (melee)

Damage +3

Arete: 3
Quintessence: 10
- Mind 2
- Entropy 2
- Prime 2


Obfuscate (Mind 2, Entropy 2): 1 quitessence/ person. Each success grant an automatic success on stealth roll, no matter how difficult the DC, even in plain sight. The magic create a myriad of distracting mental and coincidental effect while reducing the lightwave reflected by the mage. Only resisted by perception roll.

Aura of misfortune (entropy 2): DC 5, after stabbing someone by the Thread of Destiny, damage irrelevant, the mage inflict an aura of unluck to the target. Each success bring 1 point of misfortune which can be used to:

  • Add a botch to a roll
  • Augment a paradox backlash by 5 dice
  • Augment the DC of anything by one
    They can all be used on the same roll or on different one and the mage avatar only subconsciously affect these roll; the mage does not need to be aware not does he become aware.

Dim Mak (entropy 2): DC 4, each success grant an extra dice of damage on a specific target as you become aware and strike luckily on the pressure point of the target.

The Rest Of The Wicked (mind 2): DC 5, the mage enter a state of quasi-cerebral death where the most basic thought are possible and manipulation near impossible. For each success the mage gains 1 dice on will power roll. Also, the mage can reroll as many dice as the number of success ignoring the initial result. A skilled meditator can push the boundary further and roll Manipulation + Meditation DC 8; each sucess creating an auto success rather than an extra die.

Smite the ONI (prime 2); The thread of destiny becomes a quitessential weapon and strike as aggravated against demons and corrupt umbrood lords.


Thread of Destiny

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