Un ordinateur intelligent et un familier...


Arete: 4
Quintessence: 15

- Correspondence 1
- Entropy 1
- Time 1
- Prime 2
- Matter 3
- Life 1
- Mind 3


Augmented Reality: Life 1, Mind 1. (duration 1 scene)
Roll INT + Research DC: 7 Each result give a bit of non trivial info. All other trivial info recorded somewhere is readily accessible and interpreted by Allan.

Logical projection: Entropy 2, Time 2, Life 1, Mind 1. DC 5
Each success allow you a question. Ask Allan a question; Roll INT + Appropriate Knowledge of you or him. Can be extended by a cost of 1 qunintessence.

Evolve: Matter 3, Mind 3, DC 8, Cost 5
Allan try to evolve its hardware and software capacity by himself. Very difficult. More quitessence can be used to lower roll. 5 success needed for new sphere. 10 for arete point.

Self-Program: Cost 2, DC 6
Allan create a new program based on his current knowledge for the task at hands.

Self-Repair: Cost 1

Self-Purge: Cost 1

Map Facility: Force 1, Correspondence 1, Matter 1.
Allan créer un model tri dimensionnel d’un bâtiment a partir de son réseau électrique et de tous les senseurs connecter.

Decrypt: Cost 2
Decrypt anything except grade 10 encryption.

Familiar: Eat 2 quintessence per game, eat 1 extra paradox.
Avatar: 2 (self, non usable)
Arcane: 2 (to mage)



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