Grand Maître de l'Automne (Fâ Hai / Gûan)

Maitre Akashic muet venue de l'orient, son art est redoutable mais son âme sainte.


• Akashic Brotherhood — Philosophical martial-arists, the Warring Fists espouse a union of mind, body and spirit through personal discipline.

Nature: Caregiver — You are a wellspring of compassion.

- Perfect Balance
Your sense of balance has achieved great heights by constant training or inherited traits. It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever fall during your life. You may trip, but you’ll always catch yourself before you fully lose your footing or handhold. This Merit functions for such actions as tightrope walking, crossing ice, and climbing mountain sides. All difficulties involving such feats are reduced by 3. it would take a lot to push or shove a character off his feet if he has this Merit. This is very appropriate for Akashic brothers or Masters of Life magic.

- Mute
Your mage can’t speak. This shortcoming may derive from physical damage, a magical curse or a natural deformity. You may communicate with your game group to describe your character’s actions, but you are not allowed to actually talk in character (and if you do so “out of character” to get your point across, your Storyteller may penalize you by awarding you fewer experience points). You can use Linguistics to learn sign language, or write (assuming your character isn’t illiterate as well). Mind magic can also overcome this problem to a limited degree.

- Life saver
You believe that human life is a sacred gift and won’t take a person’s life except in the most extreme of circumstances. You may not ever willingly endanger the lives of innocents or in any way participate in a killing. You have no problems with killing animals (for the right reason), and will kill evil and inhuman creatures to protect others if necessary. Be very careful, however, with your definition of “evil.” Senseless death in all forms repulses you, and you feel that those who perform murder should be punished and stopped.

- Sphere Inept (correspondance)
For some reason, your mage sucks at a certain kind of magic. She could be paying off some karmic debt or struggling with some metaphysical concept. Maybe she invested her knowledge in some item in a past life and she hasn’t run across it yet in this incarnation.
This Flaw acts like Sphere Natural in reverse. Advancement in one particular Sphere (chosen at character creation) costs 1/4 more experience points than normal, rounded up. To take th is Flaw, choose one Sphere that your character plans to study. This Flaw can be selected only once, and it must be chosen at character creation.

Eveil: 3

Forces: 2
Mind: 3
Spirit: 2

Arcane: 5 — A mystical ability to move about unnoticed by the masses.
Destiny: 4 — Some greater purpose that drives the mage.
Avatar: 3 — The strength of the mystical soul.

Willpower: 5


En point de forme pour l’instant…

Fâ Hai (prononcé fée-ail) n’a pas de parents connu, abandonné dès sa naissance, deposé dans un panier au portes d’un temple du mont des fleurs (Hua)…Classique!

Le mont Hua tire son nom, « fleur », de l’aspect que lui donnent de loin les cinq sommets qui le composent. Cette forme lui vaut aussi son autre appellation de « main d’immortel » ; un autre sens du caractère, « magnifique », lui convient également. Composée de nombreuses parois à pic, cette montagne a eu de tous temps la réputation d’être dangereuse. Le visiteur ordinaire ne peut la gravir que par une seule voie longue de 15 km, d’où le dicton : « Depuis l’antiquité un seul chemin mène au mont Hua », exprimant qu’il n’y a en l’occurrence qu’un seul moyen de parvenir à ses fins. Les empereurs ou leurs envoyés ne la gravissaient d’ailleurs pas et effectuaient les rites dans des temples situés à faible hauteur.


Les moines de l’endroit décelèrent une forte destiné à l’enfant et le prirent sous leurs ailes.

Fâ Hai (mage) connu son eveil en très bas âge, dès qu’il debuta son entraînement martial. Ce talent naturel attira l’attention du grand maître des saisons: Fâ Gûan.

Avatar: Lady White Snake


Fâ Hai deviens Grand Maître de l’automne et est envoyé en Amérique afin de poursuivre son ascension.

Les Akashic brother agissent en “support” à certaines Traditions afin de régler les “problèmes”

Quartier Chinois New York, NY

Grand Maître de l'Automne (Fâ Hai / Gûan)

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